Evergreen Solar System India Pvt. Ltd.

Evergreen Solar Systems India Private Limited was established in 2010 to cater to the renewable energy sector and contribute towards reducing the carbon footprint. It operates from its 20 MW state-of-the-art Solar Module/Panel manufacturing facility at Coimbatore. Another 20 MW line is under progress, due to be commissioned in the next 3 months. Its led from the front by the magnetic stewardship of Mr.G.D.Gopalakrishnan, who brings his extensive experience and expertise to Evergreen. The company has selected the world's renowned equipment manufacturer SPIRE CORPORATION, USA for it turnkey project of entire 40MW Capacity.

Energy Performance Certificates

  • Solar Photovoltaic Grid Independent Power Plants [AC Loads (also DC) Battery & Inverter]
  • Solar Photovoltaic Grid connected Power Plants [AC Loads uses Grid at Storage]
  • Solar Photovoltaic Stand alone Power Plants [DC Load, Battery Storage]
  • Solar Photovoltaic Rooftop and Small Power Plants
  • Solar Photovoltaic Off-Grid Applications

For more details visit : www.evergreensolar.in