Sulochana Cotton Spinning Mills Pvt. Ltd

Like our yarn, our products are a melange ... of perfection, innovation and world-class quality.

What is Melange Yarn?

We are the pioneer in making melange yarn - Melange yarn can be defined as "the yarn produced by the combination of at least two or more than two fibers".

Types of Yarns

  • Blended Mélange Yarn
  • Non-Blended Mélange Yarn
  • Fancy Slub Yarn
  • Grey Hosiery Yarn (Combed & Carded – in counts ranging from 20s to 60s)
  • Grey Warp Yarn (in 60s & 80s counts)

We can offer Melange Yarn in any of the composition from below:

Blends Colours & Textures
100% Cotton Neps
100% Bleached Cotton Bleached cotton
Cotton/Poly blends Special Effects
100% Viscose,Modal,Excel,Silk,Bamboo Grindle
100% Polyester Flax
100% Recycled yarn PP Galaxy
Core Melange (Lycra)
Ultra violet
Polyester Cotton