The success of a business cannot be measured by its balance sheet, but by the immeasurable satisfaction it brings to society...

Every time we look at our balance sheet, we take stock... not of our assets, but of what we have done to make the world better than we found it, even if slightly so. And for us, the world is not just about human beings. We believe that humans can take care of themselves; it is our four-legged friends that need our love and care more than anything else. The Thangam Memorial Trust, a joint venture with the Tirupur Municipal Corporation, was initiated precisely for this reason.

As an animal shelter, the centre aims at reaching out to helpless dogs, tending to them and creating a home where they are well-looked after. The Trust runs an exclusive hospital for the treatment of diseased or ill dogs. Besides, the shelter also works relentlessly towards animal birth control, especially the organized sterilization of stray dogs. For the benefit of local pet owners, regular camps are held where people can bring their pets for free vaccination. Apart from the dog shelter that is manned by dedicated volunteers, there is also a cow shed for taking care of cattle.

When animals can be our best friends, it's time we proved the same to them...

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